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( Jun. 19th, 2009 11:29 pm)
Why did no one ever link me to the Starfleet Academy before? Their course list is hilarious, and I think those scholarships might be real.
I got my hair cut at Sweeney Todd Hair today. Unfortunately, no one tried to cut my throat or offered me a meat pie;) On the plus side, my hair is several inches shorter in prep for summer (still long enough to pull into a braid or pony tail since it was past my back before), and looks very good since the remnants of my bright red hair (now faded to a natural reddish blonde) are still at the bottom to add a bit of extra colour.

I took Dad out to lunch today since it's his birthday, then we did a trip to Ikea today to get more of the stuff we'd planned on. I ended up getting an extra small bookcase which I've already put together. It will mostly hold my plushies... Am now having fun reorganizing my room so there will be space for the big bookcase which I'll put together tomorrow.

And I "easily" passed my lifeguard exam according to the instructor, so I am now officially a certified lifeguard. Yay!
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( Jun. 17th, 2009 08:31 pm)
I took the lifeguard exam today and it was miserable due to the weather. It was cloudy with a light wind, and as the day wore on (we started at 4pm and finished swimming at 6:30) it got cooler and cooler so it was down in the 60s by the time we practised back boarding a person with head injuries (which froze whoever the victim was because they had to be out of the water and still for so long - I lost feeling in my hands and toes). Still, it's all over with now. The written exam was fine except for the first aid section which was kinda evil, but I'm fairly certain I passed. And now I'm starving so later.
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( Jun. 14th, 2009 10:29 pm)
I'd say it's been a busy weekend, but it really hasn't. Kirk and I had a good time, wandering from one event to the next, or spending hours in the mangalibrary. Some highlights were: watching YuGiOh Abridged with a lot of people late on Friday, attending a lecture entitled Nightmares 101 given by someone cosplaying Llyod, the brilliant Utena cosplay skit during the masquerade, finding a cheap Sebastian figurine, and cheap dvds of Kino's journey, being handed Code Geass doujinshi fresh from Japan by [ profile] rinzei, reading the Parasyte manga for the first time, getting some awesome Yondaime art commissions drawn, and attending some surprisingly interesting panels on translation and dubbing and voice acting.

On Saturday, I was a Shinsengumi.

And I felt very lonely until I ran into this person. We spotted each other, shouted, "Shinsengumi!" and high fived, which was the traditional shinsengumi greeting dontchaknow;)

I really need to get some hakama.

Sunday, I took an extra forty-five minutes and several pages of instructions and wore my yukata for the first time. I didn't have an obi board so I made one out of cardboard, which worked surprisingly well. Not that I tied the obi to Japanese standards, but it was okay for a first try.

These were a few of my favourite costumes seen this weekend. I have a special love for the Rorschach.

I was very very pleased this afternoon when I called up my work and not only did they assure me that I had no need to come into work on Monday, but that I also (contrary to what they'd told me) had Friday off. Considering Friday is the first day of the Animenext con (which is about ten miles from my house), I was happy enough to shout with joy since now I can attend all three days. Woot! I don't think I'll be cosplaying on Friday beyond wearing my Yondaime shirt, but I'll be Okita Souji of the Shinsengumi on Saturday, and probably wear my yukata on Sunday (assuming I can figure out how to tie my obi by then).

I picked up my little brother after lifeguarding class today (which was all safety videos since it was raining and cold), so we're all ready to go in the morning. (Edited to add: I was very amused today in that I was chatting with the two high school students in the lifeguard class today and I asked what year they were in, and the guy asked me what year of high school *I* was in. I laughed and pointed out that I was 25 years old with two Masters under my belt. How sad is it that actual high school students think I'm their age?)

Cold is still hanging in there, but is subsiding slowly. Wisdom tooth (or lack thereof) barely hurts and I should know because I kinda forgot my painkillers when I left for lifeguarding and went several hours without them. It stings and is a bit sore, but I wouldn't have even bothered going back on the painkillers except it does hurt when I lower my head or open my mouth really wide. Expect I won't need the painkillers soon though. I'm really pleased how quickly it's healing considering it was pulled late on Tuesday.

ps. Anyone want to meet up at the con?
Lifeguard training went surprisingly well. Our twelve laps were multiplied to fifteen due to a smaller pool, but the shorter intervals served me well and I wasn't even that tired after them. We spent the next hour or so practising various rescues and procedures and my wisdom tooth didn't bother me at all (though I had taken an advil on top of my usual tylenol as a precaution). Afterwards, we switched to CPR training which was slightly boring until you had to practice it. We're basically doing a repeat of today tomorrow, which is good even if I'm rather tired this evening from the whole thing. (Have been given tomorrow off from work so will at least be rested.) Cold does seem to be a bit better today too. *fingers crossed*

Submitted my application to Rutgers today. Feeling annoyed by how many places demand copies of your transcripts (even my work wants one!) since it's so hard to get one out of the University of Leeds. I think I'm going to go back and just submit a request for ten of them to both my universities and get it over with (for at least a year or two). Tried to contact Boston University but everyone seems to be on leave. Bah.

I made a delicious meal of stir fried rice out of the left over rice from my stir fry on Sunday. I've never made stir fried rice successfully before but this was great with spring and normal onions plus portabella mushrooms. I was ravenous after lifeguarding class so I devoured more than my fair share. Desert was an impromptu smoothie of mango, strawberry, banana, yogurt, milk and a bit of sugar. It was delicious (though the mango was swallowed by the other flavours).
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( Jun. 9th, 2009 11:42 pm)
I don't really know what possessed me to let the dentist pull a wisdom tooth while I was still recovering from my cold, but hey, at least it saves me the trouble of paying for a second set of antibiotics. It was growing into my cheek and probably causing this weird shooting sensation whenever I stomped my feet, so it seemed a good idea to remove it. The dentist said it was a very easy extraction and it certainly felt easy though I mostly consoled myself with what I'd have had to go through for dental care in earlier centuries... Anyway, it doesn't really hurt, though it does bleed a lot. I took a couple Tylenol this evening and took half of a Tylenol with codeine for sleep even though I'm not sure if I'll need it.

I had half a day of work today and it was probably a good thing since I came home, attempted to contact Rutgers East Asian language department for the third time, took a shower, then dozed in my bed for a few hours (I couldn't get completely to sleep since I'd wake up to sniffle so my nose didn't get plugged up and force me to breathe through my mouth). I don't like napping the afternoon, but I was so tired and I'm still tired now so I doubt it made much difference. The cold was getting better, but seems to have plateaued since I didn't feel any better today than I did Monday. I wish my ears would stop hurting and the gobs of phlegm seemed worse today though the cough was better, but there's still five more days for the antibiotics to work, so here's hoping.

Tomorrow, I have the day off. So I will attempt to contact Boston University's arch. grad. advisor, and rest up until my lifeguarding class in the afternoon which will last for who knows how long. Hopefully the cold and wisdom tooth (or, you know, the exhaustion) won't cause problems with the swimming... Dear god, I am a masochist, aren't I?
Much to my annoyance, the water in my ears from Monday's lifeguarding lesson developed into an ear infection by the end of the week, and on Thursday I also woke up with a sore throat, tons of mucus sliding down my throat, nausea from the mucus, and a general malaise. I still had to go to work, and spent most of the day trying not to throw up on the toddler's whose diapers I was changing. By evening, the cold got worse, with a mild fever, severe ear pain etc etc. I switched to an all pasta diet to calm the nausea for the next several days (today is the first day since then I've eaten anything different) and called in sick to work. This was a good call since I was hacking up huge gobs of phlegm all Friday, trying not to be sick or fall over. The doctor took one look in my ears and throat and prescribed antibiotics immediately (after discussing my opinions on Clive Cussler, and the Japanese economy vs the American economy... methinks my doctor doesn't get a lot of intelligent conversation at home). Which I took, then sat through 2 1/2 hours of lifeguarding instructional videos (trying not to throw up and only using up about half a box of tissues). I got lucky since it was pouring and no one had to swim.

Saturday, Dad and I had planned for a week or two to visit Ikea and get some furniture for our rooms since I was in desperate need of bookshelves and storage space. I was still feeling pretty awful but figured as long as he drove and I only helped load the car, it would be bearable. And surprisingly, it was. We toured around a bit (I, like many, have always wanted to live in Ikea... not to mention this was the first Ikea I'd ever been to in the US), then had a ridiculously cheap pasta lunch in their cafeteria (with a view of Newark airport that somehow made the airport look good (rather impressive for that place)), and finally made our purchases. Or rather, bought two of mine since a) Dad's choices weren't there in the colour he wanted and b) we could only fit two things in the car at a time. The rest of the day was spent assembling the shelves (not the smartest of moves on my part since I was getting a pounding headache whenever I lowered my head), then filling them. I was very pleased with how many books and dvds I fit in my skinny bookshelf, so much so that I might not even be able to fill the larger bookshelf I still need to get (this isn't really true of course since I could always grab some of the hundreds of books at my mum's house and transfer them to dad's). I then collapsed and slept a good 8 hours.

Today, I was supposed to have a massive 6 hour lifeguard lesson which I wasn't looking forward to considering I still couldn't breath through my nose, was coughing up phlegm regularly and was just not at my best. And then the Lord intervened and I was called an hour before the lesson and told it was cancelled due to not being able to use the pool. Hallelujah. I still had to go out and do a run to my mum's house, get gas, return a library book, buy more decongestant (and a few other things), and attempt to buy a Star Trek glass from Burger King (alas, I have missed the promotion), but those were all minor errands done in one roundabout trip, so I got to spend most of my day clutching a box of tissues, coughing up my lungs, playing computer games and reading fic.

Here's hoping I'm feeling better tomorrow cause I have work and then possibly a lifeguard lesson. Joy.
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( May. 31st, 2009 08:26 pm)
This weekend, I did a lot of thinking and planning. I also sort of fell in love with Boston Uni's archaeology Phd program. It looks so shiny. *stares* I think it's important that I head up there and visit them, in addition to all the other things I need to do.

In order to do the earlier thinking on Saturday, I took my camera, hat and bug spray and drove over our nearby mountain to get to the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge where I walked along the board walks and saw lots of swamp, turtles, frogs, birds, and a raptor. I also got cornered by one of the volunteers who led me around showing me more turtles and an amateur photographer who showed me a snake he found. It was relaxing, and just what I needed.

Afterwards, I had to spend two bloody hours searching for a swimsuit that fit me. It really annoys me that I'm a 12-14 in bathing suits, but my boobs require like, an 18, and they never seem to make swimsuits that way. Is it any wonder that I've reverted to wearing my one bikini that fits all the time? Much to my surprise though, I think I've found a suit that works, though it needs a swimming test to be sure.

When I'm upset, I organize things, so it comes as no surprise that I cleaned up a corner of my room over the weekend (discovering clothing from when I was in middle school, which still fits, but geez). I've decided I really need some new bookshelves and a set of cubby holes for the rest of my clothing (which is currently stacked on a chair in the corner) which means Dad and I will be doing an Ikea run next weekend. It'll be nice to have a place for my books, dvds et al.

Meanwhile, I really do have a million other things to do. So g'nite.
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( May. 30th, 2009 12:02 am)
Scary things to remember in life: there are 253 (sorted) Naruto/Harry Potter crossovers on
I went to the dentist again today, and spent a lot of time talking to him about my teeth since he freaked me out last time with all this talk of cavities with little explanation. Turns out, he was including the wisdom teeth in that craziness which pretty obviously have caries and was panicking me needlessly for what are only a few cavities on the back molars. I also need my upper right wisdom tooth pulled since it's growing into my cheek. I'm sure that will be fun. The cavity filled today was easier than the last one, but it hurts more now that the numbness has worn off. I ended up eating a soft pork bun from a local Chinese market for lunch and picked up some really cheap shitake mushrooms and bean sprouts for an oyster sauce stir fry (with cabbage and noodles) that tasted delicious. I used to eat shitake mushrooms all the time in Japan because they were cheaper and easier than buying meat, so it was nice to be able to throw them into a dish again. I have enough shitake left over to make another dish over the weekend, though I'm not sure what that dish will be.

Meanwhile, in order to fulfil my first aid and CPR requirements for my new job, the director asked me to learn those as part of a lifeguarding course. I like this idea well enough since it means I'd get to spend my summer mornings by the pool. But I suspect the training will take over my life for the next week or two. Job is going well. They need a lot of documents from me for everything so I've been searching through all my old records for various pieces of paper proving various things.

Bujinkan last night was fun. I got to train with J. for the first time in ages. He's Jack's uke, and very high level, which I enjoy because he actually corrects me and insists on perfection. You don't really get that from training with someone below your level (and then you get the people who think they're high level who aren't...). We once again worked with weapons from the beginning using a short sword, and for a few minutes, a gun, then hand to hand, then back to the short sword. It was all about being stabbed, or punched from behind, and reacting with a movement that sort of either curves your shoulder away from the punch, or moves your body and creates space for the short sword to be in (very hard to do), then blocking with the elbow as you turn and taking the space, then perhaps blocking a kick or a punch. One thing Jack was very happy with was once you twisted around you caught the sword wrist in your own hand, then brace your arm against their forearm, you can walk under it or around or even throw them without them being able to fight back. If you don't brace the arm, they can respond. It's sort of like putting the pressure on the arm bar, and then moving into the position for said arm bar. Interesting.

I need to start working seriously on my book again and taking notes on stuff for my phd application research (I ended up ordering the books since trips into NYC for obscure books are no longer feasible), but it's probably not going to happen for another week since I have the lifeguarding thing, several dentist appointments, a fingerprinting appointment and bujinkan to consider. Gah. Life is getting too busy.
On Monday, I went for a walk and accidentally (my usual walk takes me by the fire station) ended up watching my town's memorial day parade. It looked very tame compared to festivals I've seen in Japan, but was interesting from an anthropological standpoint (why do we have so many girl scout troops?). Meanwhile, I caught up with a bunch of anime and shows (mostly Being Human and Mushi-shi), manga (My Girl - Korean manga which is basically the Korean version of Hana Montana), and comics (Jack of Fables, House of Mystery & Dresden Files Stormfront). Then I ignored all that to try to finish the final Percy Jackson book, but I'm only half way through as of now.

Today was my first day of work and while it was a long day, I actually wasn't as knackered as I thought I would be. My back hurts from holding a crying toddler for an hour though.

The other day, I made buffalo stroganoff for dinner which tastes a lot like beef stroganoff, only with buffalo;), and apple crisp for desert. I'm actually getting a bit sick of apple crisp but it's dad's favourite desert so he automatically asks for me to make it whenever I suggest other deserts (like brownies *pout*).
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( May. 23rd, 2009 09:55 am)
We got everything packed up and stored on Thursday, after a lot of waiting around by my Dad and I for Kirk to finish his final exam. This meant I got a lot of reading done - read Soul Enchilada (not as good as the blurb promises, though not awful either) and reread Men at Arms, and started Pendragon: Merchant of Death. That, however, has been put on hold so I can read the final Percy Jackson book which Kirk bought yesterday. Woot! Our drive home got a little longer than we planned due to the GPS taking us a on crazy detour to get to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We were able to hop on the Penn. turnpike afterwards and probably made up our time, arriving home around midnight. I was so exhausted from the trip and not getting as much sleep as I needed (since we slept on the floor of their dorm house thingy), that I slept until 10:30am the next day when I usually wake up two hours earlier.

I spent the next day doing necessary things getting documents together for the job. Since Kirk hadn't seen it yet, we all went to a matinee of Star Trek. It was just as good the second time. Dinner was sushi, though I can't help but be annoyed by how expensive it is in America. Oh, to be back at my local $1 for two pieces kaiten sushi place.

Since this is my last couple of days before I start working, I plan to do nothing of importance and gear myself towards relaxation. Have a good weekend, all!
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( May. 20th, 2009 03:28 pm)
Well, much to my surprise the preschool, where I applied and almost got a job but then they had a hiring freeze, called me on Monday and offered me a job (working with toddlers not infants and for slightly less hours, but still full time). I visited on Tuesday and accepted the position, which means I start working full time next Tuesday. It happened so quickly I'm still recovering from the shock of it.

Currently, I'm in Rochester, NY helping my little bro move his stuff into storage before we give him a ride back home. Am sleepy from waking up so early and the long drive.

Reread Guards!Guards! today. I'm, as always, impressed by how easily Pratchett produces such a concise, fun novel. Also, it's really weird reading early!Vimes these days and slotting him in to the space after newbie!Vimes in Night Watch and before whatever was the latest Vimes novel.
I had a dream last night where I was the leader of a samurai troop that lived beneath a dojo in a big city. It was a labyrinth under the dojo and I had a lot of battles in full samurai armour (all in unfurnished rooms with white painted walls and wooden or carpeted floors), until I finally got everyone under there on my side. We were settled and fairly happy until up above, the dojo owner had a visitor, and said visitor convinced him to betray us. They raided us below ground and I was shouting at the dojo owner for betraying us while I fought the invaders when I woke up.

Dad and I are still watching Bones. It annoys me how lucky they are with their cases. There are so few diseases that show up on the skeleton, and yet they always seem to find one. It's really unrealistic (though there stupid holographic imagizer thing is even more unrealistic *shrugs*). I also dislike that they believe so firmly in racial profiling. Other than that, I like the show, ne?

Went to the dentist today to get a filling put in. It's depressing that brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing every day ever since you can remember still doesn't keep you from getting cavities.

Just finished watching the last ep of the Hakaba Kitaro series and I was kinda confused by the later eps. I'm assuming they skipped along in the timeline of the manga series, but it was weird to skip from Kitaro's birth to him being a sneaky death insurance salesman. I was amused by the manga-ka's cameo in the episode before though. I also watched Kara no Kyoukai which I was told was amazing and wasn't all that impressed by. It had decent art and the short fight scene was very well done, but I was just bored through most of it. *shrugs*

I finished reading the fourth Percy Jackson book, The Battle of the Labyrinth yesterday. It was even better than the earlier books, with the usual action adventure and character development, but paced better than the earlier stories imo. I can't wait to read the final book in the series.

Finally got a story rejection from a magazine that had been holding my story hostage since Feb. Am disappointed, but glad I'm finally free to shop it around. It's a pity half the magazines out there are closed for submissions *headdesk*
I woke up around 10:30am this morning, and woke my computer from hibernation. There, I read a fic for awhile until I was awake enough to watch a few eps of Mushi-shi. It's a wonderful anime to watch on a lazy Saturday morning. After that, I caught up on my Fables reading, and in the latest issue, I found a preview for a new comic done by some of the same people involved in Lucifer and Fables. So I called up the nearest comic shop and asked if they had it. They did, and put it on hold for me until I got there. It was called the Unwritten and was only one dollar, which is good since I only had about three dollars in cash.

When I got home, I took some allergy medication, and pulled out my trusty digging hat, which is guaranteed to keep the sun off your face without too much undo sweating. From there, I walked to the nearby park and walked a mile around their track, stopping to say hi to the feral cats that live in the junkyard next to the park, and almost being run over by a few bicycles. I then flopped down into the soft, thick grass that made up the outfield of one of the baseball diamonds there with the sun at my back. The grass was damp, and stuck to my clothes, so I used the bag I'd carried my comic in to protect it from the damp. The Unwritten was really interesting because it's basically a Harry Potter AU fanfic in disguise. It's about a guy who grows up the son of this famous author who wrote thirteen books about a boy wizard and his two friends who are trying to defeat an evil vampire. A boy wizard who shares the name of his son. The author disappears after he finishes the series, and his son is left doing book tours and is filled with self loathing, etc. And then a postgrad student studying the series points out in public that the author's son doesn't exist - not in past photos or even to the government. And things spiral out from there. From the way it's going, it looks like it's going to play in a lot of literary worlds and be all about stories and how they control the world. I'll certainly keep and eye on it, even if the next issue probably won't be one dollar *L*

Once I finished it, I got up, brushed all the bits of grass off me, and had a leisurely made my way back home where I'm now having a cup of tea and considering which others comics I should read. It's been a nice day.
I added the *checks* 118 Star Trek novels I own/have read to my goodreads and librarything today. It took about two hours, and then I anally had to rearrange them so the ST: New Frontier series was in proper order (we are inexplicably missing a book that I know I've held in my hand, so where is it?). I also grabbed a ST novel I hadn't read that looked like fun, and two others I want to reread now that the new movie has poked my star trek button. I'm also left wondering how many books I've read that I don't own since they really do blur together after awhile. I'd also hoped to find that I owned a first print copy of Della Van Hise's Killing Time - the first edition accidentally published was the author's slashier version with lots of K/S stuff in it, and the cover looked very familiar to me, so I wondered if I'd read it and either had a later expurgated version, or simply hadn't picked up on the slash at the time (since I read most of my ST novels when I was 11-13). Turns out that for some reason, I own it in French. Why does Ariana have an obscure ST novel in French? Who knows. I doubt it's the slashy one though.

Bujinkan this week was very heavy on the weaponry. We didn't do any training that didn't involve some sort of weapon - it was kinda refreshing. Monday we did short swords, short swords vs knives, and knives vs knives. I trained with C. who is always fun to train with, even if he did give me a giant bruise on my elbow this time around:p He was also obsessed with taking me down in this certain way (it sort of involves using his knee as a pivot point and my arm as a lever to flip me onto my stomach) so he could triumphantly fake cut off my braid. After the first time, I never let him do the full take down, but he never did stop trying *L* There was the usual getting out of the way of the short sword/knife stuff, then things like throwing someone while keeping their short sword pointing away from you, or slicing off their fingers if you had a knife. One thing we emphasized was avoiding that first blow by putting your hands up as if you're scared then stepping sideways and snapping your fists out, hitting the wrist and temple of your opponent with your knuckles. All but the toughest person drop the knife/sword at that point, and we worked on doing both hits in tandem. There was also using our wrist catch method (you can hardly feel it when it's done right) to pull the sword away from your opponent (pull with your body, not your arms) enough to make a space to either stab them or enter. The knife vs knife stuff was mostly protecting your face, though the scariest one was when you basically had to pretend you had no other options and when the short sword comes for your head, you hold your knife up, braced sideways across your forehead and let it hit. And if it's freaky to do with wooden knives and swords, imagine doing it with a real one...

Today, Jack was absent so we worked on advanced bo vs. sword stuff. It has been ages since I did more than basic bo work (it truly is one of my worst weapons) so I'm surprised at how well the practice went. We did a lot of moves I've never tried before or never seen in tandem with these other moves - things like flipping the bo (left hand stays still, right hand pushes down) so it goes backwards over your back and shoulder while you crouch. Your hand grabs the part above your shoulder and when you straighten, the bo flies forward (and you can pretend to be Jackie Chan *L*). I trained with C. again, which worked out well until a newbie showed up and C. was drafted to show him the ropes which basically meant, I was training with the newbie. Usually, I don't mind this, but it is really scary to train doing advanced sword and bo techniques with someone who can even hold a sword properly. That being said, my caution paid off since I only got accidentally slammed in the shins once and he didn't master the strikes aiming towards the head so I didn't get my teeth knocked out (yay!) (I can stop the bo before it hits my training partner's face, but a newbie?) We also did sword sacrifice blows, which is basically defensive moves against a bo by a sword. So when the person swung for your foot with the bo while you were attacking from jodan (above, basically), you cut the blow short and instead place your sword right against your leg (never with the blade edge out) and take the blow on the sword rather than your foot. We then blocked a similar blow aiming for the shoulder. Oh, and my bokken (wooden training sword) broke on contact with a bo at the beginning of class. The top of it has a diagonal crack, but I'm thinking of cutting it down so I'll have a wooden short sword to train with. C. gave me a padded stick to practice my sword strikes with so my training bag is getting quite full of weapons at this point (five swords/hung bo, two knives, one rope).

Afterwards, C., M. and I went out for ice cream as usual, but we're sad because the good ice cream place that usually opens each summer near training has closed down which leaves us eating at boring and not all that special baskin robbins *pout* We all talked for far too long since M. was away for awhile and so was I, then I had to make my way home past all the road work that has started now that its spring. We hates it.

I have mostly been watching a bunch of things on my computer that I've already burnt off, but need to watch before I delete them. I've actually almost filled up my computer, so it's time to purge and download nothing new until the old is gone. Dad and I are hooked on Bones and have watched the first several episodes of the first season at this point. I love all the gruesome corpses, and it amuses me when I catch their mistakes re physical anthropology. Reading wise, I am, for some inexplicable reason, catching up on my Daredevil comics. You would think I'd be reading all my new books, but no. On the plus side, Daredevil vol. 2 has really pretty art (or at least volumes 3, 4, and 5 of it do).
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( May. 12th, 2009 12:33 am)
Uh, is this an academic article in Russian about fanfic? (If that link doesn't work, this will.) Cause my name and Uric the Oddball and the Wild Hunt is mentioned in it, and, well, that's really weird.

Also, it appears someone translated my Naruto fic, Better Late into Russian (scroll down), which brings the total fics I can find translated into Russian up to three. I find it amusing that they never bother to ask.
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( May. 10th, 2009 12:25 pm)
You know, only I could go to a local flea market and run into Chief Longbow of the Cherokee Nation of New Jersey. He hit on me as I walked by (said I looked like I was 16) and pretty much latched onto me when he found out I was an archaeologist. I saw pictures of his family and friends, was invited to a pow wow in October, and was introduced to his theories on migration (since he's black, which opens up a whole different kettle of fish... some of his theories were out there, other's were okay, but they're pretty much unprovable one way or another so... yeah.) I have the weirdest cultural experiences sometimes...

In other news, it's utterly beautiful out today with blue skies, a cool breeze, and most of the flowering trees are still flowering while the brilliant green new leaves are coming in and the grass is all long or freshly mowed. I want to spend all my time outside. Unfortunately, just walking around set my eyes watering and my nose running like mad. Stupid allergies. At least I got some cheap eggplants at the flea market and some pretty new pins (an alligator and the Batman symbol. They're shiny.).
I obviously didn't spend enough geeky time going over the new ST movie because my dreams were full of little alternative scenes (what if he'd said this there, sort of things) and it was actually hard to get back to sleep whenever they woke me up.

Getting into the IMAX yesterday was hard because my mother booked one in NY, rather than NJ so we had to go through tons of traffic and across the GW bridge. We got there at 6 and discovered people were already lining up for the 7pm showing, so we forgoed dinner, bought nachoes and popcorn and got in line, or rather, I got in line while they bought food. This ended up annoying since the lady behind me decided that standing within a few inches of my back and booming out her opinions on ST (which I mostly agreed with to be fair) was fun. When my parent's finally arrived, she gave me more space then immediately started declaiming things. One of which was that the Benjamin Button movie was amazing and everyone should see it. I said I wouldn't since I don't like subjecting myself to tragedies, and she asked what my age was. I told her 25 and she was shocked. "You look fifteen. Such a young face!" (which means she was planning on telling me I wasn't old enough to know if I'd like the movie or not, ne?) but after that she was much more respectful. *rolls eyes*

After the movie, we took Mum out to Red Robin for her Mother Day's meal. She'd never been there so she found the raspberry malt shake amazing and I split a whiskey river barbecue wrap with her and it was as tasty as everything at Red Robin.