So far I have a trip to Busan next week and two museums to visit, with a possible third still pending. I plan to visit the Busan national museum while I’m down there just to see it and, of course, Busan Spa Land (because I am a sucker for jjimjilbang).

Then the next week I visit a museum in Daegu and an archaeological research centre in Gyeongju. I’m really excited about seeing Gyeongju for the first time since it’s got such amazing archaeological and historical sites. I think I’ll stay an extra day or two and see the sights.

Once those are all done, I only have 2-3 more museum visits to schedule and they have to be done after June 15th because the artifacts are not available until after then, so not bad.

I am pleased to say I have had to start my second fieldwork notebook. 75 artifacts down. Who knows how many more to go?
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