I am quick becoming the master at uping the number of articles I read each day. This weekend, panicking over the fact that I had a paper due this friday and a presentation on another paper this thursday, neither of which were written or even close to being fully researched, I took Thursday off for Thanksgiving, and early Friday for Black Friday shopping (which was really peaceful compared to how NJ gets), then put my nose to the grindstone and read a record breaking 21 articles on Saturday alone. Granted, they were short articles on evolutionary case studies, but I'll take what I can get. I read another 12 articles the next day so I read 33 articles sat and sun alone. All that effort and I still wasn't even close to finishing, when T. and I visited our professor to day to see if he'd take pity on us, and he was like, "Your paper is due the friday of the second week before the end of term." and we were like, "Well, your syllabus says it's due this week which is the third week before the end of term." So he said it was really due next friday which is good in that I mostly finished all my research for that paper (12-15 more articles to go), but I'm still about 20 articles behind on the other paper so I have to work on that so I can give my presentation on it on Thursday. It's made much harder in that some of my evidence is in Korean and Japanese which takes a lot longer to read (decipher in the case of Korean since my Korean is very 101), and I'd really like to track down the Korean author of the article I'm looking at who either thought dating was for the weak, or that it should be made really unobtrusive to anyone reading. I've been tempted to just track down someone who knows Korean because this article is really frustrating *sigh*

In other news, I'm officially scheduled to take the quals at the end of March. My cohort thinks I'm crazy. I'm planning on spending the holidays reading through articles and writing up answers to questions.

I had to put up plastic over the windows for the winter which I had only previously ever heard of in American Gods, so that was both strange to me and annoying since the damn tape doesn't stick. After hours of work, I got the plastic sealed to my living room windows, but my hours of work proved futile for sealing it to my bedroom windows which repel tape like two opposing magnets. I have this urge to never take the plastic down again now that it's up. This may actually be feasible too since I can't leave windows open during the summer because it aggravates my allergies, and what other reason would I have for taking the plastic down?

Had a really good bujinkan class on Weds because only three other people showed up who were mostly high level so instead of the basic, easy stuff Mike usually teaches, he went for more advanced stuff thus teaching a class that was closer to to the level I'm used to from Jack. Which isn't putting down Mike, it's just a difference in teaching style (Jack teaches at a level he wants to learn at which is quite advanced and the white belts who join are expected to tough it out whereas Mike teaches at a lower level with the occasional high level stuff thrown in near the end of a class so his students don't get too frustrated. It's more boring for me, but Mike's classes have a much lower level of aggression, I've noticed, and I have only had like, one bruise in the past three months which is very weird *L*). I was really glad I made the time to get there considering I won't have time to train this week.

We're having our discussion class on weds in a restaurant on capital square this week. That'll be a fun place to have discussions about the agency of objects and warfare with supernatural agents. *L*

Back to work now. Ja ne!
It's been forever since I posted, mostly because I've been busy every single day of the week and when I'm not doing something, I'm packing for my move to Wisconsin. So, a quick update so everyone knows what I'm up to.

On Thursday I headed into the city to do some last time shopping, mostly in Japanese stores. I hit up Kinnokuniya, Book Off, Uniqlo (where the One Piece t-shirts were on sale for $6!), Toy Tokyo and a few other furnishing stores around China town looking for stuff for my apartment. I picked up a manga recommended to me called Termae Romae about a Roman architect who gets transported forward in time to Japan to see the hot springs and bases his Roman bath designs on them. It's a comedy and looks like fun. I was exhausted and my foot hurt since I'd sliced into it with a shell on Weds... Ah, right, Kirk had an introduction to massage class which I tagged along with on Weds afternoon which left me near where I train for Buyu for several hours since there was no point in driving home then back, so I went to the beach and read my kindle for several hours which was beautiful and relaxing, and then much to my amusement, I went to training and Jack took us right back to the beach where he had us walk the boardwalk then took us swimming. It was delightful other than the cut foot.

In the evening in NYC, I met up with some Japanese friends I'd met at animenext and otakon and we had yakiniku and a million other Japanese foods (it was like, an all in one Japanese restaurant). I consquently got home very late and tired. I slept in the next day and then picked up my bro and my friend, A. and we headed to Sandy Hook for the afternoon. The water wasn't quite as good as on Weds but we swam for hours, then hung out for hours before heading home. Mom fed us artichokes and steak fajitas before I headed home to once again collapse in exhaustion.

Saturday was the bujinkan seminar. Luckily, it wasn't all that labour intensive since Jack did a flash to the past and taught us what he'd learnt in the summer of 1983 while he was in Japan. This turned out to be a way of focusing your power and movement so you weren't wasting energy and charging anything you did with more strength. I thought it was using a lot of muscles I didn't normally use so I'd be really sore but it turns out, I use those muscles in my legs a lot so no soreness there, but in my arms and shoulders was a different matter. I laughed when I discovered my armpits were sore yesterday. Armpits! *L* It was a somewhat boring seminar but very useful for training. I'm trying to internalize it.

Yesterday was mostly a day of rest in which I watched tv with my mom, then with my dad and bro. We saw the latest Ghibli movie, watched the very silly and historically anachronistic Leonardo and White Collar and Burn Notice.

Today being my birthday, my brother's class on Weds netted me a free massage today which we are about to head off to, and then I'm going to ask to eat at our local fantastic Indian restaurant. Ja ne!
Training on Weds was onigadaki, my favourite technique, but I didn't have as much fun with it as normal because it turned out that I was the highest ranking person there (technically, there was another guy who matches my rank, though not my seniority, but he's not really that good...), which meant that Jack gave me the kind of attention he usually gives his ukes (minus being beat up), with harsh criticisms combined with showing me cool extra things. It was sort of terrifying. The weird thing is Jack was in a really good mood before training because he knows this female marine because he teaches where she works, and thinks it's hilarious that she called out Timberlake. Being given harsh criticism right after seeing him in such a good mood gave me whiplash. Not that he wasn't right (since onigadaki is one of my favourite moves I got complacent with it, and he called me out on it), but ouch. The being taught a few cool things no one else did was nice but I'd really rather he just didn't pay as much attention to me. Let the 9th and 10th dans be there to soak up his attention *L*

There's a seminar tomorrow, and I was considering going, but it's one of the extra expensive ones and I can't really afford it. Plus, he specifically warned to bring mouth guards, and I'm really not in the mood to be punched in the face repeatedly tomorrow, funnily enough (see? I do draw the line somewhere).

Thursday afternoon was the first time I had to recover from my Wisconsin trip. I got sort of screwed over at work when one person was out sick for my 8 1/2 hours shifts on Tuesday and Weds which left me without a minute of spare time on Tuesday (when I was exhausted from the trip), and only a bit of spare time on Weds when they actually called in a whole other group of people to answer phones because it was pretty much just me left in the actual help desk to take calls (even the Asst Sup. was out), and then I had to go to training and wait for my mother to get back from the airport which ate up my whole day. Thursday was more calm, but I ended up on a call helping someone for an hour and a half and the call wasn't even over when I had to hand it over to someone else at the end of my shift. Crazy.
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( Oct. 7th, 2010 03:52 pm)
Well, I've managed to keep my helpdesk job (yay!) and survived a Korean lesson test today, so all is well *fingers crossed* on that front. I was so stressed by Tuesday evening that I actually just said 'fuck it' around 8pm and played Civ 4 for a few hours before going back to my homework. I work this whole weekend, I have my Korean midterm on Monday, helpdesk Monday afternoon, then the first day of my internship on Tuesday morning, followed by my Japanese midterm Tuesday evening, so I'm not looking forward to Monday and Tuesday much.

In a miracle, I actually made it to Bujinkan two times this week, which will hopefully make up for the two more times I might make it this month. I've explained the internship to everyone but Jack there, so hopefully it won't confuse anyone as to why I've disappeared. Jack wasn't there this week, which didn't bother me, but my first training partner on Monday usually never shows when Jack isn't there. M. and I have a lot of contempt for people who only come to train when Jack is there (and this guy is rude to the non-Jack teachers to boot!), so I wasn't very impressed to be paired with him on Monday. He also thinks women are made of glass and hates training with us (almost as much as we hate training with him). I was still surprised by how rude he was though. We were doing punching practice, alternating who held the pads and who attacked, and instead of handing me the pads so he could take his turn attacking, he just walked away from me with them. Then, about half way through class, he walked away again to ask the odd man out of a threesome (if there aren't even numbers, one group will swap in the third person, ne?), if he'd train with me instead. I'd have been happy to trade out if he'd simply asked me, or just said, 'Oh, I'm tired. Would you mind if I switched so you'd have someone less tired to train with?', but just walking away from me like that was just rude. The jokes on him though cause I got a good training partner after that, and it turned into a good class for me. I still have the bruises on my upper right thigh to prove it *L*

Last night, J. picked on me a bit, but it was good training and I'm quite sore and covered in bruises from it. I did one move perfectly and it felt effortless to me, so I've made it my goal to try to capture that feeling in all my techniques/movements. We shall see.


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