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( Dec. 27th, 2014 08:45 pm)
Went to Seoul ComicWorld today. It's $4 to get in, which is like, nothing compared to conventions in the US. And of course ComicWorld is held every month so I plan on heading back at least a few more times before I leave Korea. There is a main stage and changing rooms where people change for their cosplays. There was a pretty standard amount of cosplayers around though most were huddled in winter coats. I didn't get any pictures because you have to ask for and gain permission to take a cosplayers photo, and the people's whose cosplays I wanted a pic of (a whole group doing all the Inuyasha cast and an impressive looking Kisame from Naruto) were busy with other things.

There's a main stage at ComicWorld which was playing Slam Dunk and Sgt Frog in Korean when I walked by, and I think there's events which I paid no attention too. This is because they have a huge amount of space devoted to what would be called an Artist's Alley and I pretty much spent three hours going down rows and rows of artists. I should have probably gotten there an hour earlier since people were starting to pack up a lot after 4pm but I wanted to sleep in since it's the holidays and I don't think I missed anybody I really needed to see.

What surprised me is how creative the Korean artists are in merchandising (possibly because doing this stuff is really cheap in Korea somehow?). Everything was printed out on glossy cards, some with sparkles embedded in them. There were hand mirrors, cell phone dangles, playing cards, tarot cards, stickers, mugs, mini-pillows, mini-body pillows(I laugh at these a lot. Who are they for? Dolls?), glasses cleaning clothes, wall scrolls, etc. That is a really impressive array for fan artists, and it was all pretty cheap too. One tarot card or card cost about 50 cents. I got two mini posters - each cost 2 dollars. The glasses cleaning clothes were $1.50, etc. I probably only spent about $20 but I got a lot of stuff. I got Hobbit and How to Train Your Dragon stickers. Cards for Natsume Yuujinchou, One Piece, and the Hobbit. A couple of tarot cards (I found a whole deck which had a bunch of different anime representing the cards, but they weren't selling them as sets and some were sold out so I just bought some of the coolest ones - Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou as The World, Lelouch as The Emperor, and Kakashi as the Hierophant. They're really pretty and I don't even like tarots. *L* I got a One Piece transparent folder, and one of my posters is One Piece and other is from Natsume Yuujinchou. My two glasses cleaning clothes are Natsume Yuujinchou as well since I couldn't decide between the seven this one artist had *L* And finally, I picked up an adorable Thor doujinshi in Korean, which is called The Asgardian brothers go to a Jjimjilbang (ie bathhouse). And it is just adorable. It immediately has Thor walking out into the public areas naked and Loki pushing him back into the men's area. And Thor freaking out by how efficient the body scrubbers are. And Loki wearing the towels sheep style. And brotherly bonding of course. It is sickeningly cute.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much Natsume Yuujinchou stuff there was hidden amongst other things. I saw a good range of the most popular recent anime (though the craze for Attack on Titan is finally dying down, thank the gods). Gintama and One Piece were well represented. There were some series I didn't recognize, and a surprising amount of art of cute women as well as cute men which shows why the attendance looked about evenly divided between men and women though the artists were almost invariably women. I picked up some flyers for a How to Train Your dragon con (which adorably has the gang and Toothless wishing us a Happy Snoggletog!) and another meet up for Guardians of the Galaxy. I might even attend the How to Train Your Dragon one *L*

Overall, it was a lot of fun and pretty much the cheapest trip to a con I've ever had despite there being fantastic artists and their stuff everywhere.
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( Aug. 15th, 2014 09:29 pm)
Since today was my birthday, I pretty much took the day off to do whatever I wanted. I started off my day going to the Weta Workshop exhibition which is here in Seoul until Sunday. It was really awesome to see all the figurines even the ones for projects other than Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit;) I have a picture of me about to be stepped on by a troll. The display had a lot of really cool sculptures of fantasy world creatures.

I then headed across the city to Hongdae which is a popular food and shopping district. I stopped at a tiny, twee little bakery called Chocolate Yum which fresh bakes strawberry shortcakes and cookies every day. I bought a piece of cake and a pistachio macaron. That cake was so delicious. I ate it after I had some pad thai (which looked nothing like pad thai and only barely tasted like pad thai but was tasty nonetheless). I then walked to the nearest jjimjilbang called Happy Day which is the Korean equivalent of a hot spring or onsen. In the cities, they're usually a couple of floors, one with baths of varying temperature and filled with massage jets or fragrant herbs, and one or two with gyms, restaurants, and saunas. This one is three floors. It's a holiday today but I guess people went to bigger jjimjilbangs to celebrate because this place was not crowded. I spent a lot of time soaking before going to explore the saunas and lounge about reading. Once finished, I was already at the correct station to head to Seoul Station to visit the large Lottemart there (kinda like a department store/supermarket/mall). I was on a quest to find a few things like olive oil mayonnaise and a mattress pad on the cheap which I found and triumphantly carried back to my apartment after a successful hunt.

I then headed out to have some bibimbap for dinner (a mix of veggies, eggs, rice, and spicy red pepper paste) but it was rather bland sadly. Very healthy though so I have consoled myself with a nectarine bought at Costco yesterday (fruit is insanely expensive in East Asia though Korea is slightly cheaper than Japan at least so buying fruit at Costco is really a steal), and I'm about to bite into the pistachio macaron (delicious though perhaps more chewy than macarons are meant to be). All in all, a quite successful celebration of my birthday:)


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