I really liked the Wolverine movie. I love that they managed to make a coherent, mostly true to the comics origin story for just about everybody who appeared. There are so many versions of everything for most of these characters that it was nice to see it all boiled down to something simple that made sense and worked. Also, I think streamlining Wolverine's past actually helps his character since the more you try to elaborate, say, what he was doing during the 1920s, the more you end up warping his character (most of the time). I loved that Hugh Jackman didn't seem to wear a shirt for half the movie. I loved that there was lots of mayhem and that the first half of it felt like watching a Highlander flashback *L* I loved seeing a lot of mutants you only see in flashbacks or as villains or victims in their early years.

Things I didn't like: Some of the dialogue was awfully cliché, especially Sabertooth's, and Spoilers )


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